Reduce your stress by Walking Meditation

In our day to day life we often forget to take care of our self and immerse in our day to day activities , forgetting that we are at a risk of not experiencing our life as we generally dream about.

Walking meditation increases our mindfulness . mindfulness is the ability to be fully aware of  who we are  and what we are doing while not being overwhelmed by what’s going on around us. Research shows that mindfulness can reduce stress levels in a person and also bring about positivity in life.

Start of doing your walking mediation with 15 minutes and then gradually increasing the time to an hour .You will notice your level of focus and awareness increase over a period of time.

Once when you learn the walking meditation in a calm relaxed manner, you may choose to transform all your walking into meditation sessions.

How to meditate on your feet by walking : Walking Meditation

  • Choose a  proper walking route , because by choosing a proper route you can feel comfortable wiithout thinking of other things surrounding you ,either You can either choose to do it indoors or outdoors depending upon your comfort level
  • Start with 15 minutes and gradually increase it to an hour because of the fact that you may not be able to concentrate on walking as its your first time walking consiously .
  • Clasp your hands in front or behind you and start walking looking on to the ground, a few meters ahead of you. Do not look around, so as to prevent any distractions.
  • focus your attention on your feet which is touching the ground – sense how you place your heel, sense the pressing of the foot on the ground, sense the  pressure on your foot joints and the heel.
  • Now focus your attention to feel other  sensations in your body after walking for few minutes .
  • Notice how you feel in your Thighs, Lower back, spinal cord , your leg joints.
  • Do you feel any sensations in your chest? How about your neck, face and head? 
  • Do keep observing these sensations without labelling, judging, or speculating about them.
  • Keep your gaze on to the ground.
  • another important aspect is , if it seems like , your mind wanders, simply bring it back gently to focus on the sensations again.
  • Keep following this routine and consequently , you will find peacefullness and happiness while you are walking.
  • Also ,keep in mind your health factor and walk accordingly.

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